A new feature this year is Edible TASTINGS presented by Edible East Bay Magazine and benefiting
People's Grocery - a non-profit whose mission is to improve the health and local economy of
West Oakland through investing in the local food system.  With the help of Kitchener Oakland,
we are reaching out to local artisans who produce high quality edibles in categories including
chocolate, cheese, olive oil, vinegar, jams, preserves, honey, mustard, salsa, pickles, tea, herbs,
desserts and baked goods. Please come enjoy samples and purchase your favorites products from
the people who created them.

Xandrea Is Inspired
Farmer Freed
Culinary Salts
Shades of Sugar
Parisian Macaroons
Crumb Shoppe
Cookies and Cookie Doughs
Flan Flan Ta Tas!
Grandma's Homemade
Fruit Jams
Chocolate-Covered Marzipan Bars
Stonehouse Olive Oil
Olive Oil
Per Cadium Apothecary
Body Products
Chocolate Bon Bons


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