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11:00 AM
Larry Wright: Zappo the Magician
Countless children have laughed at Zappo's antics and wondered at his bafflements. Corporate audiences marvel at the production of a live rabbit from thin air. Dinner guests are captivated by the fantastic feats performed tableside right under their very noses. Zappo is equally comfortable before an audience of hundreds or an audience of one, performing stage, parlour or close-up miracles for spectators in the San Francisco Bay Area, Reno, Lake Tahoe and beyond. Zappo can magically turn an ordinary event into a special occasion. His skillful blend of comedy and mystery confounds audiences of adults and children alike who are fortunate enough to see him perform.
12:15 PM
Daniel Holzman: Dan the Juggler
Dan Holzman, best known as one half of The Raspyni Brothers, has been juggling for almost 40 years. His ability to expertly and entertainingly juggle a variety of objects has resulted in a resume that includes two wins at the International Juggling Association team championships; three appearances on the Tonight Show, (twice with Carson, once with Leno); a performance for the President at Fords theatre in Washington, D.C.; and a place in the Guinness book of world records. He is also author of The Juggler's Little Instruction Book.
1:30 PM
Mitch Polzak

Banjo player and guitarist, Mitch Polzak, has worked and/or recorded with such artists as Deke Dickerson, Peter Rowan of Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys, Don Maddox of The Maddox Brothers and Rose, Joe Clay, Lazy Lester, Gene Summers, Chris Sprague, Johnny Cuviello (Drummer for Bob Wills), and has published articles for Play Guitar magazine.  He is lead guitarist and singer with Joe Goldmark and the Seducers and performs throughout the Bay Area in his own band, The Royal Deuces, as well as with the Seducers, and the Resonators. Mitch joins us at LIVE OAK PARK FAIR for the first time, wielding his 5 String Banjo in celebration of influences such as Earl Scruggs and Ralph Stanley.
2:45 PM
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson took up the guitar as a teenager in Palo Alto, California in the early 1960's, at a time when very few folk guitarists were playing more than basic rhythm guitar. Among his earliest bands were the Black Mountain Boys (with Jerry Garcia and David Nelson) and Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions. He quickly became nationally known as an exceptional lead flatpicker, winning the World Championship Cup at Union Grove, North Carolina with the New York Ramblers (which also included David Grisman and Winnie Winston) and flying to Nashville, Tennessee to record "Beatle Country" with the Charles River Valley Boys (reissued on Rounder).
4:00 PM
Eliot Kenin: Spirit of ’29 Dixieland Band
For nearly three decades the Spirit of '29 has been pleasing audiences with its hot brand of exuberant Dixieland Jazz. Folks of all ages clap their hands, tap their feet and get up and dance.  Bandleader, Eliot Kenin, has been performing on guitar and banjo since the fifties, playing at coffee houses, folk festivals and concert halls, including Carnegie hall. He's led bands playing bluegrass, jug band music, klezmer, trad jazz and swing.
11:00 AM
Fred Anderson: Comedy
It's 1975 - San Francisco State College; It was the latest fad - Juggling! (After yo-yo's and before skate boards...) From the first day Fred was hooked. As he improved he was able to perform at local festivals and The Renaissance Faire. Over the four years of college juggling gradually turned from a hobby to a passion to a profession. Entertaining was so much more fun than his "real" field (computer science) that Fred decided to be a juggler full time... and has never looked back. Since then he has performed the world over for major international festivals including two World's Fairs, The New York Comedy Festival, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival.
12:15 PM
Karen Quest: Cowgirl Tricks
Dubbed "America’s Funniest Cowgirl”, Karen Quest has been blazing a trail since 1998 with her one-woman original comedy act, Cowgirl Tricks. Skillful trick roping, impressive whip cracking, outstanding audience rapport, improvisational kooky cowgirl shenanigans, along with her signature custom costumes, have proven wildly popular at fairs and festivals, corporate and private events. A former circus girl and college graduate with a background in juggling, clowning, acrobatics, fire-eating, unicycling, theater and stunt work, she is thrilled to be making her first appearance at Live Oak Park Fair. All you really need to know is what the Curly Fries Lady at the Skamania County Fair told her: "You're one of the few acts that doesn't get on my nerves."
1:30 PM
Tommy O’Mahoney & Henry Moser
Graduates from the inaugural class of Berkeley’s accredited Jazzschool Institute, bass player Tommy O’Mahoney and guitarist Henry Moser are hard at work, grooving the Bay Area and beyond in several bands: Occidental, Fenton Coolfoot, and The Shams, to name a few. Already veteran players, these young men present an unplugged, acoustic set that combines elements of jazz, soul and folk in an array of eclectic originals and tasty covers.
2:45 PM
Devon Glover, The Sonnet Man
The Sonnet Man sets Shakespeare’s love sonnets to Hip Hop and features brilliant rap artist Devon Glover. Conceived and produced by Broadway Playwright Arje Shaw, The Sonnet Man brings Shakespeare to young audiences in a genre they know and love. Through Hip Hop, Shakespeare will become exciting and fun, introducing young people to classical literature, raising literacy, improved communication, greater enthusiasm for learning, increase creativity, raise confidence, and will set a foundation for appreciation of the arts.
4:00 PM
Eliot Kenin: Reinhardt Swing Band
Reinhardt Swing’s irresistible rhythm and festive style fit any occasion: from an intimate private event to a big dance party to an outdoor festival. The four piece band features violin and guitar as lead instruments and plays the swing standards of the thirties and forties with a nod to the greats, Stephane Grapelli and Django Reinhardt. Bandleader, Eliot Kenin, has been performing on guitar and banjo since the fifties, playing at coffee houses, folk festivals and concert halls, including Carnegie hall. He's led bands playing bluegrass, jug band music, klezmer, trad jazz and swing.


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